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Your Passport Please.
Chapter 3 -- Pg. 15

Play and listen first, and then play and read along in your book.
Use as a dictation exercise -- write down what you hear.


CUSTOMS Your passport please.

STUDENT Here it is.

CUSTOMS What is the purpose of your trip to Canada?

STUDENT I'm going to study English here.

CUSTOMS Do you have your letter of acceptance from your school?

STUDENT Yes, here it is.

CUSTOMS How long are you going to be in Canada?

STUDENT I'll be here for three months.

CUSTOMS Are you bringing in any gifts or presents?

STUDENT Yes, I am.

CUSTOMS What is their value?

STUDENT They cost about twenty-five Canadian dollars.

CUSTOMS Do you have any liquor (alcohol) or cigarettes with you?

STUDENT No, I don't.

CUSTOMS Open all your bags, please.
              (The customs official may look through your luggage.)
STUDENT Of course.

CUSTOMS Everything is fine. Enjoy your visit to Canada.

STUDENT Thank you, I'm sure I will!

               (And you will!)

NanoGong Recorder

Record your voice and compare with the model.

Practice the dialgue with a friend.

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