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English Only
Chapter 6 -- Pg. 89

Classes are taught in English, even at the lower levels. In your country you probably heard your teacher talk in your own language to explain English, but this is not done in Vancouver. In your class you will have students of many different native languages learning English together, so only English is used to explain things.

Many schools also have an “English Only” rule. If students speak their own languages, they are practicing speaking and thinking in their own language. They are living in their own language and studying a foreign language called English. They will always be translating when they talk or write in English. If you speak only English and all that you hear and read is English, then you are "living in English". English becomes your language. You will start to think and act in English naturally and easily. This is the best way to learn a new language.

Play and listen first, and then play and read along.
Use as a dictation exercise -- write down what you hear.


NanoGong Recorder

Record your voice and compare with the model.

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