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"a valuable resource"
-- Lisa H., Librarian
Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Handbook Cover "a wonderful book and very useful"
-- Alex D., Instructor
Vancouver Community College

by Sean Lewkiw

The Vancouver Handbook is for
ESL Students in Vancouver, BC, Canada
and for ESL Students studying overseas
anywhere in an English-speaking country.

The VANCOUVER HANDBOOK FOR ESL STUDENTS contains useful information, vocabulary, and dialogues for shopping, going to restaurants, sight-seeing, banking, entertainment, using the transit, meeting and talking to Canadians, sight-seeing in Vancouver and much more!

The VANCOUVER HANDBOOK is written in a natural, idiomatic style of English, and it has everything that an ESL student needs in order to study and live overseas in an English speaking country.

"A super book! I love it myself and my homestay students all used it! I'd like to tell students to take the time to study the book not only for the information it gives about Vancouver and Canadian culture, but also because they can learn so much English from the dialogues and vocabulary sections. It's worth spending time on!"
-- Sarah A., Coordinator, ESL Outreach Department
Vancouver Community College

ISBN 978-0-9865005-0-3

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