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How To Use This Book
Introduction Pg. 3 - 4

Play and listen first, and then play and read along.
Use as a dictation exercise -- write down what you hear.


Hide or Show Text While Practicing Listening.

1) Use CONTENTS or INDEX to find what you need.
2) Read the first part for background information.
3) Practice the sample conversations aloud by yourself or with a friend.
4) Practice saying the useful sentences, learn the useful words and phrases and make your own sentences.
5) Review the useful words, phrases and sentences.

You can use the book as a reader, too. Read a few pages every night, and you will improve your English. It is even better to read it out loud every day, and better still to read silently, think and imagine the situation and what the person may say to you, and then say the sentence in the book. Take both sides of the conversation for practice. Practice with a friend. Listen to the dialogues online. Make your own audio recordings using the on-line recorder, a tape recorder, or a digital recorder. Use the Useful Words and Phrases and Useful Sentences for quick reviews.

NanoGong Recorder
Record your voice and compare with the model.

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